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Baking with Sugar Alternatives?

Functional Sweeteners, a healthier and better substitute for sugar

As people are getting more and more inclined towards healthy lifestyles, a diversification in their requirements for sweetness is being prominent. This is the reason behind the growing usage of functional sweeteners in various meals. With changes in value and lifestyle and tastes of consumers, a range of functional sweeteners are coming into the picture as a healthy alternative to people’s body and mind.

PALATINOSE: One of the most commonly used functional sweeteners is Palatinose which is a healthy and functional carbohydrate with a very mild natural taste. This is a disaccharide made up of fructose and glucose. It is derived from beet sugar. Palatinose, though not as sweet as sugar, comes with a pleasant taste and good to be used as a sugar substitute. There are lots of other benefits of using Palatinose in foods as a replacement for sugar. It has a low glycaemic index of 32 and at the same time as it gets digested very slowly, glucose is released into the bloodstream in little amount and does not cause insulin shoot high. Therefore, for the people with hypoglycaemia, diabetes or metabolic syndrome, Palatinose proves to be an ideal ingredient to be used in food. The slow release of glucose is beneficial for the athletes and sportsmen and women as they need a sustained source of energy for a prolonged period. Palatinose is also able to increase the amount of fat released energy in athletes and physically active persons. This is why it can be used in sports drinks and foods to help athletes make use of their fat energy reserves, while on the other hand, it will aid in effective burning of fat of the overweight people. But with Palatinose, one needs to stick to moderate intakes to lose weight successfully.

Applications of PALATINOSE: Being the only carbohydrate providing a steady and constant supply of energy and at the same time enhancing oxidation of fat, Palatinose is an ideal choice to be used in sports drinks and foods and also in low-GI diets and special foods for slimming purposes.

ISOMALT: This is one of the most commonly used low-calorie functional sweeteners. This sugarless sweetener is made from beets and largely in use by various candy brands across the globe. It is used in products including sugarless candy and gum. Isomalt has a natural origin and frequently used in commercial food manufacturing. Isomalt is also able to extend the shelf-life of many products which is why it is used as preservative. This sugar substitute is a popular additive to use in a number of foods, especially sweets. Isomalt comes with many of the characteristics of a natural sweetener but it has a low level of glucose and therefore, is considered safe for those with diabetics or blood sugar concerns. Isomalt is also free from gluten.

Applications of ISOMALT: This is commonly used in various commercially-prepared foods, cough drops and “sugar free” candies. The major advantage of using Isomalt instead of sugar is its health benefits. Isomalt is considered one of the best sugar substitutes as it is capable of achieving the same sweetness as sugar and that too without any concern of calorie and blood sugar. Isomalt does not cause tooth decay because of which it is used in toothpaste for improving taste. Having the ability to prolong shelf life, this substance is used in cereals, bakery products and muffins as preservative. Isomalt is also excellent for garnishing and food decoration.